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We had our first snow fall and just as fast as it came, it went away. City of Calgary crews have assured us that with every snow fall, they are ready to improve our roads and do what they need to with ploughing and sanding to keep roads cleared and safe. Salt lowers water’s freezing point and sand helps provide traction and keep the salt in place, making our roads easier to drive on. However, the flip side of that coin is all that salt and sand application is damaging to our cars. So, how do you prevent road rust and salt damage on your car? Is salt bad for tires? Read on for TireForce’s tips on what you should do to help your tires this winter and minimize the corrosive nature of salt and sand. Wash your car often-it is important to wash your car often enough in the winter, to remove any accumulations of salt which will make your car rust. Giving your car a rinse every couple of weeks will help minimize damage and given the temperatures drop into the evening and night, be sure to wash your car early on in the day, to minimize and prevent any freezing. Be sure to rinse the undercarriage of your car and around your tires too. Salt and other road chemicals will find themselves in between the tire and the wheel and if not rinsed away, will start eating away at the sealant. Brush snow off-before you park your car in your garage or parkade at night, be sure to brush off any snow. When moisture and oxygen combine on metal, rush will form. If you don’t remove as much snow and moisture as you can, you are allowing moisture to do its thing on your cars. When rust forms on your car’s body, on your undercarriage, or tire axle’s, this quick can become an expensive and dangerous problem. Wax your car before winter-TireForce offers mobile car detailing services in Calgary where we come to your location to professionally clean the inside and/or outside of your car. Before winter really hits, getting your car cleaned and waxed is an excellent preventative measure for your car. A good quality winter wax will protect the body of your car, and also make it much easier for salt and grime to be washed off throughout the season. With winter this year being forecasted to deliver more snow than usual, if you are concerned about the health of your tires, give TireForce a call for your tire repair and tire service in Calgary. We are your ‘tire service near me’ because you can’t get any closer than your home, work, or where ever else you may be. Our team will come to your preferred location to inspect and service your tires, and if you need to buy new tires for the winter season, we can deliver those to you, and install them, too.

How to prevent road rust and salt damage on your car and tires in Calgary

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There’s never a good time to get a flat tire but they happen and become an issue you must deal with in the moment. If you find yourself with a flat tire, call TireForce, Calgary’s mobile tire service to come to your location to replace and/or repair your tires. There are things you can do however, to prevent getting stuck in this situation. Here are some of TireForce’s tips! 1-Check tires for wear It is a good habit to get into to check your tires regularly for wear and tear. Your tire’s tread can become thin from fast starts, frequent stopping and starting, and aggressive stops. This can wear away at your tires’s tread unevenly, and good thing to keep an eye on. 2-Keep your tires inflated With changing temperatures in Calgary, air pressure changes too and this affects your tires. Keep your tires inflated at the correct pressure because too much air in your tire can make for a rough ride, but too little air in your tire can wear down your tire’s tread and increase your fuel consumption. If you have questions about what pressure is right for your wheels, call TireForce and we will come out to help you! 3-Brake check Check your car’s brakes often and regularly. Your wheels get worn down more when brakes are tightly adjusted, so ensuring your brakes are adjusted correctly is important. 4-Can of compressed air/hand pump Keep a can of compressed air or pump handy in your trunk in the event that you get a flat tire and it needs some air. 5-Check your spare tire We don’t often think about the spare tire in our car, until we need to use it, and then it suddenly becomes much more important. Check your tire from time to time to ensure it has the required air pressure needed and no defects such as bulges, tears, or cracks in the sidewall. Should you need to put your spare tire on, avoid driving on it over long distances and drive slow. Going over 50 km/h on your spare tire is definitely not advised. 6-Good Tread TireForce can help you with the purchase of new tires for your car. We can advise you which tires have the best thick thread which is important, as it is puncture resistant. Ask our team of tire experts to help you out and when you’ve decided which tires you want, TireForce can deliver them to you as part of our mobile tire service in Calgary. 7-Watch the road You can’t always see the small things that will get you,but avoiding debris in the road you may see is helpful. Streets around construction sites will have a higher chance of glass, nails, or screws, so avoiding those areas if possible, is helpful. Flat tires are a pain but make it easier on yourself and call TireForce for your tire repair and tire service in Calgary and our team will come to your location at a time that suits you. We are your ‘tire service near me’ because you can’t get any closer than your home, work, or where ever else you may be.

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