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Tips to Avoid a Pothole Disaster

There is a silver lining to the first real snow fall on Calgary streets…potholes become less of worry! Until then, this incredible fall weather we’re having leaves us to divert and drive around these inevitable road pests that are a burden on your tires.

You can thank Calgary’s varying temperatures in winter for the creation of potholes due to the wide fluctuations in freezing and thawing we experience throughout our winter.

If a chinook rolls through Calgary, daytime temperatures will melt snow, causing water to seep into the cracks in the pavement and roads. At night when temperatures dip again, the frozen water in these cracks expands, further pushing on the pavement and widening cracks even more. Repeat this process over time and compound things with the effects of driving traffic, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for the creation of potholes.

TireForce is Calgary’s answer to mobile tire service where we will come out to your location to provide tire sales, perform seasonal tire changes, and tire repair. Potholes are not friendly on your tires as they can puncture your tire, bend or crack your wheel, damage the sidewalls and belts. At TireForce, we’ve seen our share of tires needing repair because of them so we’ve put together some simple tips to avoid pothole disasters:

  1. Don’t tailgate the vehicle in front of you. Doing so is never a good idea anyways, but this also prevents you from seeing potholes in the road ahead of you in time to miss them.
  2. Most potholes occur along pavement seams and well-traveled ruts in the road. Do your best to avoid these spots when you drive and keep your tires off these areas if you can.
  3. Avoid driving through puddles, as tempting as they may be. Many clients have lamented how they didn’t realize a puddle was just a full pothole.
  4. Your tire’s air pressure (insert link on these words to blog about air pressure on tires) is an important item to keep an eye on because the optimal pressure in your vehicle will be the best protection for you if you hit a pothole. Tires that are too-firm and tires that are too soft are not good for protecting against pothole damage.

Potholes can alter your car’s alignment, suspension, steering and more. You won’t see it, but it could result in uneven and premature tread wear on your tires, costing you a tire replacement before you expected it. If you are concerned about something with your tires, reach out to us at TireForce and our mobile team of tire experts in Calgary will come your way to assess your tires.

Should I Inflate My Tires in Cold Weather

As a quick science reminder, when temperatures rise or fall, pressure changes. In lower temperatures, molecules move slower and are huddled closer together. In warmer weather, the opposite happens and molecules move faster and further away from one another. This will have a direct correlation on your tires and in Calgary’s swinging weather where chinooks result in large temperature changes, your tires will lose or gain 0.19 pounds per square inch (PSI) for every degree change your tires are exposed to.

So, if you’re wondering if you should inflate your tires in cold weather, TireForce says yes, and here’s why.

Low tire pressure can increase braking time and this could be dangerous if you should find yourself needing to brake suddenly. With lower tire pressure, you are also increasing your car’s contact with the road which increases your fuel consumption, costing you more money.

Another significant expense is having to buy new tires entirely much sooner than anticipated because lower tire pressure affects your grip and handling of the road, resulting in damaged tires that need to be replaced faster.

TireForce is Calgary’s mobile tire expert. When you need to purchase new tires or need tire repair in Calgary, we come to your location. Soon we’ll be in the season of winter tire changes and this too we can perform at your location. When we come out to service your tires, we will assess the health of your tires, offer any recommendations that may be noticed by our team of mobile tire experts, and answer any questions you may have.

We will remind you to check your tire pressure regularly before you drive, even in cold weather. If you’re not sure how to do that, we will show you. Obtaining a cold reading (before you drive) on your tires is more accurate to their true pressure since tires heat up and naturally increase slightly in pressure as you drive.

Many things affect tire pressure- the temperature outside the tire, sunlight exposure, how much driving you are doing, temperature inside the tire and a leak will all affect your tire’s performance. Call TireForce for your tire repair and tire service in Calgary and our team will come to your location at a time that suits you.  We are your ‘tire service near me’ because you can’t get any closer than your home, work, or where ever else you may be, so let’s book you in today!

10 Simple Tips for Longer Lasting Tires

If there’s one thing TireForce knows best, it is your tires. We are a mobile tire service company where mobile tire repair, mobile tire sales, and mobile tire changes in Calgary is our specialty. Your location is our destination because we value your time, so rather than you coming to us and having to wait to be serviced, leave your tires out for us by your vehicle, and we will take care of the rest.

Being vital to your journey, tires deserve your attention when it comes to the maintenance and care of your vehicle. Here are some tips of things you can do to save money, stretch the life of your tire and increase driving performance.

  1. Keep your tires properly inflated . Throughout the year, it is important to keep your tires inflated properly. Checking your tire pressure regularly  is a good habit to get into because driving with under or over-inflated tires affects your vehicle’s braking ability, steering control and acceleration. What should your tire pressure be? Check the sticker on your driver side door and it will tell you where your pressure should be in each season. And, be sure to check your tire pressure before your start driving when your tires are cold.
  2. Rotate your tires. Rotate your tires regularly to balance out the way they are used and affected by the road and your driving conditions. Rotating your tires every six months is another good habit to get into.
  3. Check your wheel alignment. Everyday driving and road conditions affect your tires’ alignment, so it is good practice to adjust your alignment once a year.
  4. Balance your tires. Anytime you have your tires rotated, changed, or repaired, get them balanced to finish off your service. Driving around with unbalanced tires puts you at risk of premature tire tread wear which means, this costs you more money in the end.
  5. Change your tires seasonally. It is a popular debate whether winter tires are better than all-season tires, but for Calgary roads and winter conditions, winter tires are truly your best friend on the road.
  6. Store your tires. When you change your tires seasonally, don’t leave them lying around because you risk rubber deterioration. It is best to store tires indoors, but if you can’t, ensure your storage area is clean, cool, dark and raised off the ground. Sunlight affects the rubber over time so you don’t want them exposed to sun while not being used.
  7. Inspect your tires. Watch for changes in your tires. Uneven tread wear, punctures, leaks, bulges or noticing objects stuck in the tread are all things you should keep an eye out for because they could be a sign of imminent tire rupture or that you need tire repair.
  8. Repair your tires immediately. If you notice a small leak or find an object lodged in your tire, have it repaired immediately. Our team of mobile tire repair experts can repair most punctures, but this is not something you should delay getting done.
  9. Keep your tires the same. Mixing and matching tires will cost you more money down the line because having mismatched tires can result in rapid and uneven tread wear, affect your steering and result in mechanical issues. If you need a tire replaced, we will often recommend you replace both wheels on the same axle because this will save you more money down the road. Looking for Car render background images then you have a right place.
  10. Replace your tires. Don’t stretch out the life of your tire more than what it is showing you. You are gambling with your safety and your wallet if you keep driving on tires that have exposed tread or are showing wear and tear.

Tire health and performance is not as complicated and time-consuming as some may think. Feel free to ask our team of mobile tire technician’s any questions you may have when they come out to service your vehicle. Reach out to TireForce in Calgary today to book in for your mobile tire service or request a quick quote!

How often should you detail your car

How often should you detail your car?

We rely on our cars to get us around and without giving it too much thought, we assume they will be working for when we need them. But, in order for them to work as they should, we may not realize we need to keep them in perfect working order and not just mechanically. Car details are an essential part of keeping our cars running, and here’s why.

TireForce is a mobile tire repair service in Calgary, as well as a mobile car detail service in Calgary. Our specialty is convenience, allowing you to get on with your daily tasks while we tend to your car’s needs by coming out to your location to get services done. We offer a range of car detailing services because TireForce believes a thorough cleaning benefit not only the overall appearance but the performance of your vehicle, too.

Detailing your car periodically helps remove any odors, stains, or makes that you might not be able to otherwise remove on your own. This is an aesthetic perk, but at the same time, maintaining your vehicle regularly helps maintain its value when you want to sell it one day.

As we mentioned here, when TireForce comes out to detail your vehicle, you have the option to have us clean the engine of your vehicle. Procedures like this help in avoiding more expensive issues from arising. Residue and dirt can build up on your engine over time, so having it detailed helps keep things running smoothly, allowing for easier access to parts that may need a technical fix if something does break down.

Getting your car repair does cost more money than just a regular car wash, but experts suggest getting a detail done every six months at a minimum, and if you can afford it, several times a year. Several of our clients book a car detail twice a year and at the same time as they have their seasonal tires changed. However, your driving style leads you along dustier and muddier roads, you may consider getting detailing done more often.

Regardless of how often you detail your car, TireForce highly recommends getting your vehicle detailed when you are about to sell. Much like keeping your house as clean as possible when you are looking to sell, having a pristine shine and smell to your vehicle will only make it that much more attractive to the next prospective buyer.

If you are short on time to get your car detailed, then TireForce is your solution. Your convenience is our specialty and is a mobile service company in Calgary, TireForce’s vans are equipped to provide all the services you desire for your interior and exterior detailing needs. Reach out and book with us today so you too can experience the ‘new car’ feeling that you deserve.

When should you replace your tires

When trying to figure out when to replace your tires, it’s not as complicated as you would think. Take a little time to become familiar with your tires and what the key indicators are, and you will be well versed in knowing when to change them and what to look for picking out your next ones.

TireForce is Calgary’s mobile tire service where we will come out to your preferred location to repair, perform a seasonal change, and even deliver new tires that we have sourced for you. Our team of tire experts can answer any tire questions you may have but read on below to learn the signs of when you need to replace your tires.

Wear and age are the two factors to consider when deciding when to replace your tires. All tires begin to wear with use, but how your tires wear is an indication if there is an issue with your car’s alignment or tire pressure.

The age of your tire is shown when components of your tire begin to change over time and storage conditions and environmental conditions will impact the age of your tire.

Luckily, all tires have an age indicator on them which states the year and week the tires were made. When looking at your tires, look for the ‘DOT’ followed by a series of numbers and letters, and then 4 digits. The first two of these four digits speak to the week of manufacture, followed by the year. For passenger vehicles, trucks, and SUVs, tires can average between 6 to 10 years before they need to be replaced. Of course, this is all dependent on how your vehicle was driven and the weather extremes it was subjected to. Sunlight, freezing temperatures, being driven heavily, standing still too long-all these factors contribute to aging a tire. Swapping your tires seasonally between winter and summer tires is a good idea, because not only does it keep you safer on the road, it also adds to the longevity of your tires.

TireForce’s team of Calgary technicians can answer all of your questions about tires. Their expertise can warn you about signs of aging such as rotting, cracking, discoloration, thread exposure, bubbles, and bulges. When TireForce comes out to service your tires, they will look at your tread depth to ensure it is still within safe acceptable limits. If any of your tires need to be replaced, TireForce’s team of experts will provide you with a variety of options that complement your vehicle’s specifications and your driving style. If your tires need repair that is beyond the scope of what TireForce’s mobile tire services can do, their technicians will recommend you to appropriate and trusted partners. The best part about TireForce is, they will do all this and more at your chosen location. Be it your home, work, or anywhere else you may be, we are your ‘tire replacement near me’ because we always come to you, so let’s book you in today.

car wash vs car detail

What is the difference between car detailing and car washing?

While it’s been a fun summer of road trips your car looks like it might need some cleaning and TLC. What is the difference between car detailing and car washing? Read on to find out.

TireForce offers mobile tire service in Calgary, as well as mobile car detailing in Calgary. Exterior and interior detailing is our specialty and we have many options for you to choose from and add on to your service.

A car wash is just as it sounds. You can choose to go to any gas station or dedicated car wash to wash the exterior of your car. With a car wash, you remove the dirt on the outside of your car, and then you can drive through a tunnel to have your car dried with a giant blow dryer or park outside and dry the car down yourself. Efficiency is the name of the game, where car washes and gas stations want to have as many cars roll through as they possibly can. You can select the type of service you want at a range of costs, but there is only so much differentiation offered with car washes and being quick, there is often a risk of scratches and swirls in your car’s paint.

Car detailing, on the other hand, takes the process of cleaning your car much further and as the name suggests, with more detail.

TireForce offers a full range of auto detailing services in Calgary that include services such as interior carpet shampoo, a leather protector and conditioner, dog hair removal, and a thorough sanitization, just to name a few. A change of seasons is a good time to reset the interior of your vehicle.

For the exterior of your car and as we already mentioned, at a car wash you will rinse and scrub your vehicle’s body. With TireForce’s exterior detailing, you can choose to have your engine rinsed, tree sap removed, have spray wax applied to protectively seal all paintwork, repair any windshield chips, and more. We take meticulous care to wash the exterior of your vehicle while still protecting the paint, leaving you with a slick and glossy finish.

Car detailing is more time consuming than car washing because of the amount of work that is involved, but it is worth it. Being a mobile service company in Calgary, TireForce understands the value of your time and we will work on your vehicle while you get on with your day. Book us to come out to your home, work, or location of your choosing and while you tend to other tasks, TireForce will work diligently to restore the sheen and shine to your vehicle, both inside and out. Contact us today and let’s book your vehicle in!

protecting car in summer

How to Protect Your Car During a Summer Heat Wave

Summer driving is glorious. It is a short season in Calgary, but a much welcomed break from having to start your car to warm it up, scrape mounds of snow off your car or that dreaded feeling of being snuggled up in bed only to realize that you forgot to plug in your car so it would start the next day.

But soaring temperatures in the summer bring on different kinds of things that need to be done for your vehicle to ensure it is performing optimally. Check out Tire Force’s tips on things that you should do as preventative measures so that your only stress on the road this summer is what song to add to your driving playlist.

  • Top up all your fluids. This is critical to your vehicle’s performance since the summer sun and heat will work to heat your engine so it will need a full supply of all fluids to keep it cool. Fluids to check are transmission fluid, brake fluid, motor oil, engine coolant and power steering fluid. A decrease in supply of any of these fluids results in heat not being carried away from your engine as efficiently as it should.
  • Battery check. Hot weather is hard on your battery. Battery fluid evaporates in the heat, so watch your battery terminals to see if any corrosion has built up. Wipe away any residue you see and it’s good practice to get your battery tested before the summer starts.
  • Use a sun shade. Parking underneath trees and finding shade isn’t always an option, so pack a sun shade in your trunk and use it every time you are out so to keep the interior of your vehicle cool. The sun’s UV rays are not only damaging to our skin but your car’s interior as well. Prolonged exposure to the sun could result in a dried-out and cracked dashboard.
  • Tire Pressure. Be sure to check the pressure in your tires since scorching pavement could potentially cause a blowout to your under inflated tires. Having the wrong pressure will also cause inefficiencies in your gas mileage, costing you more money in the long run.
  • Clean and Protect your vehicle.Tire Force’s mobile auto detailing service in Calgary will wax, buff, protect and renew your car’s interior. Having your dashboard detailed will minimize glare and a wax job will further protect your car’s interior from the sun’s damaging rays. It’s never been easier to have your car serviced because with our vans fully equipped to perform our detailing services, we come to you. All you have to do is book us in and tell us where to go!
winter tires and all season tires

What is Better: All Season Tires or Winter Tires

It’s mid-summer in Calgary and though the days are hot, lengthy and sunny, it won’t be long before the air turns crispier, cooler, and thoughts turn to the dreaded first snow fall of winter’s next shift. Summer is such a tease here in Calgary and with a looming change of seasons, drivers begin their research on whether they should invest in all-season tires or stick to seasonal ones. This topic is truly an annual debate so if you’re wondering what is the difference between all season tires and winter tires, read on.

Winter tires, as their name suggests, are designed for prime winter driving conditions. Calgary roads are used to ice, heavy snow, and slush. Add to that, Calgary winters have a freezing bite where cyclical cold snaps maintain frigid temperatures for weeks on end. Tire Force is a mobile tire shop in Calgary and understands what these conditions do to your tires. The rubber on winter tires provides the kind of traction and grip you would want on winter roads and remains flexible in their design.

First off, the treads tell all. Winter tires have more cuts in the tread, deeper tread depths and unique tread patterns in their attempt to squeegee more water off the road. They essentially have micro pump holes that suction water off the road and spit it out as the tire rolls. Most importantly, in winter tires, their tread design allows for shorter stopping distances and better acceleration. Lastly, by design winter tires grip and hold snow better-all things you need and want in your vehicle’s performance as you tackle Calgary winter roads. Kockout Self-defense classes for women provide a safe environment in which women may learn practical self-defense techniques. Those who have been sexually assaulted or who have been the victims of domestic abuse.

All season tires get put on your vehicle and don’t need to be switched seasonally, but their design limits them for Calgary’s degree of winter. Though they can handle some winter driving conditions and offer benefits to summer driving, they are not built to withstand the conditions Calgarians are exposed to at length. In cold weather, the rubber on an all-season tire stiffens akin to a hockey puck and is less able to provide sufficient traction. All it takes is for temperatures to dip below 7 degrees Celsius and your all-season tires will begin to lose grip, causing you to slide more. Though the mileage you get out of all-season tires is attractive, having better control on braking, cornering, and accelerating is why winter tires are the safer and more reliable option because simply put, physics always wins.

For many, the simplicity of not having to seasonally change tires is a deciding factor in this annual tire debate. Tire Force is your solution to this problem, since Tire Force always comes to you to perform your tire swap. We understand how valuable your time is so if you’re googling ‘tire change near me’, contact Tire Force. We will repair and change your tires at your location, and if you need your seasonal tires to be stored until they’re needed again, we can do that too.

Car Detailing Service

5 Reasons to Use a Mobile Tire and Mobile Detailing Service

Mobile tire service and mobile auto-detailing service in Calgary just got easier with Tire Force. We will come out to your location and provide exceptional service to repair your vehicle’s tires, do a seasonal tire change, or detail the inside or outside of your car.

Our office is where you are, so here’s why choosing us to come out to you is a good idea:

  1. We free up your time. Rather than you having to drive to a service shop and perhaps wait in the sitting area while they work on your vehicle, you can just relax at home, catch up on errands or your latest Netflix binge (we won’t tell anyone).While you tend to your errands, we will tend to your auto detailing or tire needs because all we need from you is your car on the driveway and your tires out in front. But, we don’t just come to your home. If you’re at work and would prefer to have your tires changed while you’re working away, we will come to you there too. You tell us where to meet you and leave the rest to us.
  1. Convenience. Unlike the cable guy, we show up within one hour of a pre-scheduled time, and Tire Force strives to be on-time for your mobile tire service or mobile car detailing appointment. We value your time and offer you our services to be convenient to your daily plans. If we are stuck in traffic or running late, our team of mobile tire experts will always inform you.
  2. On-site diagnosis. When we are working on your car, you have our complete attention so it is the perfect time to ask us any questions you may have about your tires. If yours is an issue that is beyond our scope of mobile tire service, (rim repairs, for example), we can point you in the right direction to other trusted sources.
  3. Leave the dirty work to us. Our mobile car detailing service will leave your car sparkling and shining. You won’t have to invest in car vacuums, car cleaning supplies, or breaking a sweat getting into the hard to reach places of your car. Our vans are equipped to offer the best in exterior and interiormobile detailing services so you can get on the road in style. The same goes for our vans outfitted to offer mobile tire service in Calgary.
  4. Covid compliant. Given current events, we understand everyone’s concerns about social distancing during Covid-19. While servicing your tires or detailing your car, our staff are fully covid-compliant, maintaining social distance and keeping you safe. We work outside your home at all times.

If you’re googling ‘nearest tire change near me’ or ‘car detailing near me’, call Tire Force because on your driveway or exact location is the nearest you can get. We make tire repair in Calgary easy and our car detailing services will make you want to take the long way home to enjoy it that much more.


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