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car wash vs car detail

What is the difference between car detailing and car washing?

While it’s been a fun summer of road trips your car looks like it might need some cleaning and TLC. What is the difference between car detailing and car washing? Read on to find out.

TireForce offers mobile tire service in Calgary, as well as mobile car detailing in Calgary. Exterior and interior detailing is our specialty and we have many options for you to choose from and add on to your service.

A car wash is just as it sounds. You can choose to go to any gas station or dedicated car wash to wash the exterior of your car. With a car wash, you remove the dirt on the outside of your car, and then you can drive through a tunnel to have your car dried with a giant blow dryer or park outside and dry the car down yourself. Efficiency is the name of the game, where car washes and gas stations want to have as many cars roll through as they possibly can. You can select the type of service you want at a range of costs, but there is only so much differentiation offered with car washes and being quick, there is often a risk of scratches and swirls in your car’s paint.

Car detailing, on the other hand, takes the process of cleaning your car much further and as the name suggests, with more detail.

TireForce offers a full range of auto detailing services in Calgary that include services such as interior carpet shampoo, a leather protector and conditioner, dog hair removal, and a thorough sanitization, just to name a few. A change of seasons is a good time to reset the interior of your vehicle.

For the exterior of your car and as we already mentioned, at a car wash you will rinse and scrub your vehicle’s body. With TireForce’s exterior detailing, you can choose to have your engine rinsed, tree sap removed, have spray wax applied to protectively seal all paintwork, repair any windshield chips, and more. We take meticulous care to wash the exterior of your vehicle while still protecting the paint, leaving you with a slick and glossy finish.

Car detailing is more time consuming than car washing because of the amount of work that is involved, but it is worth it. Being a mobile service company in Calgary, TireForce understands the value of your time and we will work on your vehicle while you get on with your day. Book us to come out to your home, work, or location of your choosing and while you tend to other tasks, TireForce will work diligently to restore the sheen and shine to your vehicle, both inside and out. Contact us today and let’s book your vehicle in!

protecting car in summer

How to Protect Your Car During a Summer Heat Wave

Summer driving is glorious. It is a short season in Calgary, but a much welcomed break from having to start your car to warm it up, scrape mounds of snow off your car or that dreaded feeling of being snuggled up in bed only to realize that you forgot to plug in your car so it would start the next day.

But soaring temperatures in the summer bring on different kinds of things that need to be done for your vehicle to ensure it is performing optimally. Check out Tire Force’s tips on things that you should do as preventative measures so that your only stress on the road this summer is what song to add to your driving playlist.

  • Top up all your fluids. This is critical to your vehicle’s performance since the summer sun and heat will work to heat your engine so it will need a full supply of all fluids to keep it cool. Fluids to check are transmission fluid, brake fluid, motor oil, engine coolant and power steering fluid. A decrease in supply of any of these fluids results in heat not being carried away from your engine as efficiently as it should.
  • Battery check. Hot weather is hard on your battery. Battery fluid evaporates in the heat, so watch your battery terminals to see if any corrosion has built up. Wipe away any residue you see and it’s good practice to get your battery tested before the summer starts.
  • Use a sun shade. Parking underneath trees and finding shade isn’t always an option, so pack a sun shade in your trunk and use it every time you are out so to keep the interior of your vehicle cool. The sun’s UV rays are not only damaging to our skin but your car’s interior as well. Prolonged exposure to the sun could result in a dried-out and cracked dashboard.
  • Tire Pressure. Be sure to check the pressure in your tires since scorching pavement could potentially cause a blowout to your under inflated tires. Having the wrong pressure will also cause inefficiencies in your gas mileage, costing you more money in the long run.
  • Clean and Protect your vehicle.Tire Force’s mobile auto detailing service in Calgary will wax, buff, protect and renew your car’s interior. Having your dashboard detailed will minimize glare and a wax job will further protect your car’s interior from the sun’s damaging rays. It’s never been easier to have your car serviced because with our vans fully equipped to perform our detailing services, we come to you. All you have to do is book us in and tell us where to go!
winter tires and all season tires

What is Better: All Season Tires or Winter Tires

It’s mid-summer in Calgary and though the days are hot, lengthy and sunny, it won’t be long before the air turns crispier, cooler, and thoughts turn to the dreaded first snow fall of winter’s next shift. Summer is such a tease here in Calgary and with a looming change of seasons, drivers begin their research on whether they should invest in all-season tires or stick to seasonal ones. This topic is truly an annual debate so if you’re wondering what is the difference between all season tires and winter tires, read on.

Winter tires, as their name suggests, are designed for prime winter driving conditions. Calgary roads are used to ice, heavy snow, and slush. Add to that, Calgary winters have a freezing bite where cyclical cold snaps maintain frigid temperatures for weeks on end. Tire Force is a mobile tire shop in Calgary and understands what these conditions do to your tires. The rubber on winter tires provides the kind of traction and grip you would want on winter roads and remains flexible in their design.

First off, the treads tell all. Winter tires have more cuts in the tread, deeper tread depths and unique tread patterns in their attempt to squeegee more water off the road. They essentially have micro pump holes that suction water off the road and spit it out as the tire rolls. Most importantly, in winter tires, their tread design allows for shorter stopping distances and better acceleration. Lastly, by design winter tires grip and hold snow better-all things you need and want in your vehicle’s performance as you tackle Calgary winter roads.

All season tires get put on your vehicle and don’t need to be switched seasonally, but their design limits them for Calgary’s degree of winter. Though they can handle some winter driving conditions and offer benefits to summer driving, they are not built to withstand the conditions Calgarians are exposed to at length. In cold weather, the rubber on an all-season tire stiffens akin to a hockey puck and is less able to provide sufficient traction. All it takes is for temperatures to dip below 7 degrees Celsius and your all-season tires will begin to lose grip, causing you to slide more. Though the mileage you get out of all-season tires is attractive, having better control on braking, cornering, and accelerating is why winter tires are the safer and more reliable option because simply put, physics always wins.

For many, the simplicity of not having to seasonally change tires is a deciding factor in this annual tire debate. Tire Force is your solution to this problem, since Tire Force always comes to you to perform your tire swap. We understand how valuable your time is so if you’re googling ‘tire change near me’, contact Tire Force. We will repair and change your tires at your location, and if you need your seasonal tires to be stored until they’re needed again, we can do that too.

Car Detailing Service

5 Reasons to Use a Mobile Tire and Mobile Detailing Service

Mobile tire service and mobile auto-detailing service in Calgary just got easier with Tire Force. We will come out to your location and provide exceptional service to repair your vehicle’s tires, do a seasonal tire change, or detail the inside or outside of your car.

Our office is where you are, so here’s why choosing us to come out to you is a good idea:

  1. We free up your time. Rather than you having to drive to a service shop and perhaps wait in the sitting area while they work on your vehicle, you can just relax at home, catch up on errands or your latest Netflix binge (we won’t tell anyone).While you tend to your errands, we will tend to your auto detailing or tire needs because all we need from you is your car on the driveway and your tires out in front. But, we don’t just come to your home. If you’re at work and would prefer to have your tires changed while you’re working away, we will come to you there too. You tell us where to meet you and leave the rest to us.
  1. Convenience. Unlike the cable guy, we show up within one hour of a pre-scheduled time, and Tire Force strives to be on-time for your mobile tire service or mobile car detailing appointment. We value your time and offer you our services to be convenient to your daily plans. If we are stuck in traffic or running late, our team of mobile tire experts will always inform you.
  2. On-site diagnosis. When we are working on your car, you have our complete attention so it is the perfect time to ask us any questions you may have about your tires. If yours is an issue that is beyond our scope of mobile tire service, (rim repairs, for example), we can point you in the right direction to other trusted sources.
  3. Leave the dirty work to us. Our mobile car detailing service will leave your car sparkling and shining. You won’t have to invest in car vacuums, car cleaning supplies, or breaking a sweat getting into the hard to reach places of your car. Our vans are equipped to offer the best in exterior and interiormobile detailing services so you can get on the road in style. The same goes for our vans outfitted to offer mobile tire service in Calgary.
  4. Covid compliant. Given current events, we understand everyone’s concerns about social distancing during Covid-19. While servicing your tires or detailing your car, our staff are fully covid-compliant, maintaining social distance and keeping you safe. We work outside your home at all times.

If you’re googling ‘nearest tire change near me’ or ‘car detailing near me’, call Tire Force because on your driveway or exact location is the nearest you can get. We make tire repair in Calgary easy and our car detailing services will make you want to take the long way home to enjoy it that much more.


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