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5 Common Causes of Tire Damage

We love hitting the open road on a bright, sunny day. Additionally, we use our vehicles daily for commuting to our jobs, toting the kids to sports or dance class, and grabbing our weekly grocery orders. However, as one of the most essential pieces on your automobile touches the road, when they give out, you can find yourself stranded. Yes, the rubber spinning underneath needs continual monitoring to ensure you arrive at your destination safely. When you experience tire damage, seek out the services of a trusted mobile tire service in Calgary. They can assess the damage and provide the best solutions for your situation.

Avoid these Common Causes for Tire Damage

As a responsible driver, you know that wearing your seat belt and adjusting your mirrors is vital to safety. In addition, knowing what is happening with your tires is another way to ensure you arrive where you are headed. Here are five of the most common ways your tires may get damaged:

    1. Wrong Amount of Tire Pressure: Besides saving gas mileage, having the appropriate amount of air in your tires protects them from damage. Over-inflating your tires can cause them to wear in the center, leaving a flat strip in the rubber, while under-inflating results in shoulder wear where the edges round off.
    2. Misaligned Vehicle: Tires wear better if they follow in-line under the car. A misaligned vehicle can cause ‘camber wear.’ This type of damage means that the tread has worn down an outer side. 
    3. Punctures: Material on the roads and in your driveway have a sneaky way of puncturing your tires. While some holes can be plugged or patched, it is always a good idea to have your wheels looked at by a professional mobile tire change service in Calgary.
    4. Tread Wear: Regular wear and tear can result in damage if left too long. It would be best if you had appropriate tread depth for proper grip on the road. If it is too shallow, you run a significant risk of losing traction and wrecking.
    5. Wrong Tire Type: Cars are designed to utilize specific types of wheels and tires. For example, high-performance cars need particular tires. Your SUV needs an entirely different kind. The wrong tire on the wrong vehicle means things will not work correctly and could be potentially disastrous. 

5 Types of Wear Patterns Your Mobile Tire Service in Calgary May Find

Now that you know what can damage your tires, here are five types of wear patterns to be aware of:

  1. Camber Wear: One of the shoulders of your tire is worn significantly more than others and is often caused by suspension problems.
  2. Feathered Wear: Small rivets and dips flowing in a specific direction of the tire’s surface. It can be caused by misalignment, worn tie rod ends, or worn idler arms, among other reasons.
  3. Cupped Wear: No specific pattern to the cups and dips found around the edge of the tread caused by out-of-balance tires or weak shocks or struts.
  4. Centre Wear: This isn’t easy to spot, but you may notice a strip around the centre of the tire where the tread is worn. Your tires may be over-inflated.
  5. Shoulder Wear: The shoulders will be worn away and look rounded over. Generally, this is caused by under-inflation.

Pick the Mobile Tire Service Calgary Loves!

Need help in understanding the health of your tires? Trust our mobile tire repair technicians in Calgary to come out to your location and assess your tires, walking you through what repairs or services you may need to ensure your safety on the road. Don’t let yourself get stranded due to damaged tires. Talk with the team at TireForce about the health of the rubber keeping you on the road. We will come to your location and replace, repair or swap your seasonal tires. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes from working with us! 

Call us at 833-446-8473 or book an appointment online for your next mobile tire service in Calgary.

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Want Bigger Tires? 3 Considerations before You Make the Switch

We have all seen them – decked-out cars with giant, flashy rims and wide tires cruising down the road with a catchy tune playing loudly. What about those large pick-up trucks with mud tires that hum down the road? Then there are the Jeeps that have lift kits and huge wheels made for rock crawling. Our fascination with dressing up our vehicles may never wane. It doesn’t have to; however, if you want to change out your wheels and tires for bigger ones, there is more to consider than which brand you want. Engineers design automobiles to handle best with specific sizes of tires and rims. Making a change places undue stress on your ride where you may even destroy your new wheels requiring a Calgary tire repair shop’s assistance.

3 Important Considerations When Changing Tire and Wheel Sizes

It’s possible to get the look you want while staying safe and protecting your truck or car. Keep these three considerations in mind when shopping for new tires and wheels:

  1. Inaccurate Speedometer: Graduating to a larger tire and wheel size will make your speedometer read at a slower speed than you are actually going. Likewise, smaller tires and wheels will indicate a faster speed limit. The reason starts with the circumference. Larger tires rotate slower, while smaller tires rotate faster. In either case, the wheels are sending your speedometer inaccurate information, which could result in a speeding ticket and other irritated drivers on the road as you drive by. 
  2. Wear and Tear on Suspension: By changing the wheels and tires on your car, you are also changing your suspension angles and may affect the gear ratio in your transmission. Even anti-lock brakes can feel the repercussions. Therefore, if you switch wheel and tire size, you should have your suspension and brakes adjusted to compensate for the changes.
  3. Tire Clearance: Some trucks and cars have a tight amount of space in the wheel well. Larger tires or wheels can rub against the fender or suspension. You may experience this in tight turns.  

How You Can Minimize the Effects of a Tire and Wheel Size Change

People have different reasons for wanting to swap out old tires for bigger ones. For instance, you may have an older vehicle with tire sizes that are challenging to find replacements for. Moving up a size may open up the choices available. Most of the time, we want to look cool or add some value to our cars. No matter the reason, you can minimize the effects of any changes by making sure you:

  • Use the right calculations to get the best fit.
  • Minimize the overall size difference by increasing the rim size and reduce the profile or increase the width.

Tire Changes and Repairs Made Easy with TireForce

Avoid damaging your vehicle when you trust the services of TireForce. Our team of mobile tire sales knows how to do the proper calculations to ensure you get the look you want without jeopardizing your truck, car, SUV, or van. If you’re based in Calgary, there is no nearer ‘tire sales near me’ because at TireForce, we come to your preferred location. There is no better way to buy or repair tires in Calgary!

Call us at 833-446-8473 or book an appointment online for Calgary’s preferred mobile tire repair shop.

Why Does My Car’s Tire Pressure Change?

It’s Monday morning. You are in a hurry to get to work. When you start your car, you notice a new light show up on your dashboard. It reads TPMS, and it stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This little light indicates when your tire pressure is low. Having the light show up may seem like an inconvenience, but this indicator ensures you stay safe on the road. The questions that remain include, why did your car lose tire pressure seemingly overnight, and do you need mobile tire service to come to your Calgary location and take care of the problem?

What Makes Tire Pressure Fluctuate

There are a few reasons that the pressure in your tires fluctuates – some natural and some not. If the tire pressure is low enough to trigger your TPMS light, then one of these may have occurred:

  1. Outside Temperature Fluctuations: General atmospheric pressure will affect the air in your tires. In fact, for about every 12 degrees Celsius the temperature outside changes, your tires can lose up to 1 PSI (pound per square inch) of pressure. When it is cold outside, the air within your tire will condense and take up less space. Once you start driving, the air heats up and increases the tire pressure again.
  2. Slow Air Leak: Air naturally leaks out of the tire through the edge of the rim and through the tread at a rate of about 1 PSI per month.
  3. Fall and Winter: Extreme fluctuations in temperatures from the fall and winter seasons also affect your tire pressure and cause your low-pressure indicator to light up on your dashboard. Since the change in temperature between day and night can be drastic, the result can change about 10 PSI.

How Low Tire Pressure Affects Driving

Maintaining a close eye on your wheels and the TPMS makes for a safer ride. Your car was engineered and tested to operate within a window of tire PSI. If tire pressure is too low, you can experience:

  • Loss of maneuverability, especially at high speeds
  • Loss of braking performance
  • Less traction in wet conditions
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Higher risk of accident when towing or carrying a heavy load

What to Do with Fluctuating Tire Pressure

There are a few things you can do when your TPMS light shows up on your dashboard:

  • Drive for about 20 minutes and see if it goes out
  • Check your tire pressure after driving to gauge if the air pressure has gone up
  • Have your tires inspected by TireForce’s professional tire technicians

Choose Calgary’s Preferred Tire Change Service

Avoid being stuck when you are running behind by being aware of how your tire pressure can change because of natural events. Regular checks will help you know when something seems off. Additionally, utilizing a mobile tire service like TireForce gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

We come to you for all your tire service and repair needs. We offer to-your-door services such as wheel repair, tire storage, and on-site fleet service to ensure your car, truck, or van is always ready.

Call us at 833-446-8473 or book an appointment online for your next mobile tire service in Calgary.

When is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Car Detailed?

We use our cars constantly. They get us to where we want to be. We drop off kids at school, fight traffic during our commute, and take family road trips in them. Our lives are often so busy that we use our SUVs, minivans, trucks, and sedans not only as motorized vehicles, but also as dining rooms, entertainment centers, and study halls. Being on the go so much means we have little time to keep things clean and the gunk that builds up should be handled regularly. Ideally, you will want to check out auto detailing services in Calgary at least a few times of year to keep your ride tidy and protected against road conditions, kids, and pets.

The Best Seasons to Detail Your Car

Most professionals will promote a detailing service schedule of four times a year. While some vehicle owners may think that is too often, you want to consider having thorough detail work done on your vehicle at least twice a year. Here is what we recommend:

  1. Summer: While we use our cars a lot throughout the year, summer tends to be hectic. We go on vacation. Our kids are in sports, and we take long day trips with family. Being in the car exponentially more often than at other times also subjects the interior to food and coffee spills and ground-in dirt and mud. The outside does not fare much better as it is forced to handle tree sap, bug guts, and bird droppings. The biggest culprit in wreaking havoc on your vehicle is the sun. Daily beatings from UV rays can fade your paint and interior and bake in the sap and bird droppings.Having your car or truck detailed at the beginning of summer gives it the added protection it needs to handle the UV rays. Your detailing service should utilize a high-quality paste to wax your exterior, which will leave a protective UV layer. Additionally, they should use UV protectants on your car’s interior. Be sure to ask us at TireForce about how we can help protect your vehicle in the summer with our services.
  2. Fall: Another ideal time for auto detailing in Calgary is during fall, especially right before winter sets in. You can take advantage of the temperate weather to keep things clean and then have extra protection applied to combat the upcoming road salt that will rust and corrode the chassis.
  3. Schedule Seasonal Detailing: At a minimum, you should have your vehicle detailed twice a year, particularly during summer and fall. However, don’t stop there. April showers bring more than May flowers. They also bring potholes full of water that splashes gunk up under the surface of your car. There is also mud and other road debris; then winter adds road salt and sand. Both can promote rust. You may want to invest in additional detailing services during the winter and spring months.

Service Made Easy with Mobile Detailing from TireForce

We all have busy schedules, so booking an auto detailing service appointment may not be at the top of your list. The team from TireForce makes it simple – we come to you! Imagine getting your Saturday morning chores done while we wash down your SUV in your driveway. Care for your vehicle all year long, even with a super-tight schedule.

Call us at 833-446-8473 or book an appointment online for Calgary’s preferred detailing services.

Going on a Summer Road Trip? You May Want New Tires First

Summer road trips are arguably the best time of the year after dealing with the frigid winter temperatures and the rainy, unpredictable spring days. Who doesn’t like to hit the open road with a packed car and excited kids in the backseat? Preparing for a family vacation means more than picking a destination location, reserving a hotel, and filling your van. It also includes ensuring your vehicle is ready to haul your family and belongings all those miles. You will want to have the oil changed, fluids checked, and worn wiper blades replaced. One more area on your vehicle that you will need to address is your tires. They will take much abuse on the hot asphalt; therefore, before you leave Calgary, be sure to make any necessary tire repairs.

3 Items that Affect the Wear of Your Tires

You don’t want to be left stranded on the side of the road because of a flat or blown tire. Instead, repair or replace your tires in a timely manner. Here are three things that affect the wear and safety of your tires:

  1. Air Pressure: Under-inflated tires will cost you money at the gas pump. Your tires will lose air pressure naturally due to the porous nature of rubber. When left unchecked, your car will have to struggle harder to get you down the road, resulting in poor fuel economy. You can’t go ‘old school’ and depend on the look of your wheels to indicate when they are low. Today’s tires are engineered not to deform unless they are dangerously low on air. Check your tire pressure when they are cold. If low, add air to the manufacturer’s specifications located in the door frame of the driver’s door, doorpost, inside your gas filler door, or under your hood.
  2. Lack of Tire Rotation: Tires wear in specific patterns when left in the same position for very long. The uneven wear affects driveability, including ride comfort and handling. You can prevent the effects of uneven wear by regularly rotating your wheels every 8,000 kilometers. Some new tires come with warranties that require tire rotations at specific intervals. It’s easy to keep up on a schedule when you have it done every time you have your oil changed.
  3. Poor Alignment: You might be a careful driver, but you may not miss every pothole. Even normal wear and tear will put your front end out of alignment. When your back end doesn’t line up with your front end, the rubber will “scrub” your tires from the drag and friction. The constant pulling to one side of the road will affect your fuel economy.

Don’t Hit the Road Until You Visit Your Tire Repair Shop

Enjoy your vacation fully when you get your Calgary mobile tire repair shop to quickly fix or replace your wheels before you leave. When you’re pressed for time, our team at TireForce will come to you and provide the service you need to ensure your tires are ready for the long haul. Save time when you contact us today!

Call us at 833-446-8473 or book an appointment online for all your mobile tire repair, mobile tire service, and mobile tire sales needs.

Mobile Tire Services

5 Reasons We Know Mobile Tire Services Are Here to Stay

COVID-19 brought the world to a screeching halt, and within a few months, we had to learn new ways to do business in all industries, including automotive service. While you cannot have a transmission dropped and rebuilt in the middle of your driveway, you can take advantage of Calgary’s mobile tire service.

Get the convenience you seek when you call upon our Calgary tire change services from TireForce. Our vans are stocked and outfitted to handle your tire repair, tire sales, and seasonal tire change needs. We understand that today’s world requires a new way of handling vehicle maintenance. We’re here to fill that need with little interruption to your day.

Why Mobile Tire Service is Not Going Away

While our world is not entirely automated, we are moving in new directions that allow for more convenient ways to have services completed. Here are five reasons why mobile tire service is here to stay:

  1. Convenience: Consumers crave convenience. We want to pick up our phones, tap on the screen, and have dinner or a new couch delivered to our doors. Mobile tire services can do that. Technicians show up, take care of your tires, and you don’t have to drive anywhere or wait in line at a shop.
  2. You Save Time:The hottest commodity we have is time. We are pulled in so many different directions making family dinners almost a thing of the past. Now, you can head to your child’s soccer game while a technician takes care of swapping or repairing your tires. By the time your son’s team wins, your car will be ready.
  3. Location Independent:Mobile tire services can show up at your home, your work, or even the airport parking garage. They are not subjected to the limitations that a brick-and-mortar store has. Their vans are outfitted to be repair shops on wheels, making any location accessible.
  4. Interpersonal Interaction:We still all crave some human interaction, even with all our world’s automation. Instead, these mobile centres offer you the opportunity to ask questions to understand better the decisions you are making for your vehicle. The focus is on you and your car, not a lobby full of people pulling technicians in several directions.
  5. Contactless Service:It’s possible to have all the servicing done without having to interact directly with your technician. Being mobile allows each party to maintain social distancing practices while still getting the service required.

Catch the Wave of the Future – Choose Mobile Tire Service from TireForce

Avoid the crowds and having to spend your Saturday morning at a noisy shop. If you’re in Calgary, have the team from TireForce come to you and provide the mobile tire service you deserve. Spend time with your family while we do the hard work for you. Contact us for an appointment and discover the outstanding service you have been missing.

Call us at 833-446-8473 or book an appointment online for all your tire change and service needs.

Auto Detailing

How to Choose a Professional Mobile Car Detailer in Calgary

Do you remember buying your car from the dealership? That new car smell fills the air, we love that smell, and it shows in the air fresheners we can buy to bring back those memories. Alas, getting back that car or truck that you fell in love with seems hard after years of dust, mud, and leftover ketchup packets ground into your carpet. Five words can get you well on your way to reclaiming your vehicle – mobile car detailing in Calgary.

Enjoy the convenience of professional mobile auto detailing at your preferred location when you choose the services of TireForce. We offer exterior and interior detailing packages plus many extras to give that new car feeling once again – without taking out an extra car loan. The best part is that we can do this all while you enjoy a cup of hot tea in your living room.

5 Tips to Choosing Your Next Professional Car Detailing Service

Give your vehicle the longevity it deserves by adding mobile detailing to your maintenance routine. Not only will your truck or car look great, but the resale value can be sustained just by giving it some extra attention. Before you head out to find a detailer, consider these tips:

  1. Determine How You Use Your Car: This may seem like an odd place to start; however, we all have different expectations. Suppose you are extremely picky and allow no food to be eaten in your car. In that case, you will expect an extra level of detailing than someone who wants a good, but not necessarily a deep cleansing and vacuuming before the next soccer match. Knowing what kind of car owner you are will help you with the next tip.
  2. Consider the Location of the Detailer: This profession is full of various levels of experts. Some have fully decked-out shops that can handle intricate detailing and coating applications. Others, like TireForce, have vans fully equipped to come to your location to perform their job. There is no greater convenience than having a car detailing in Calgary done at your chosen location.
  3. Look at Your Budget: Depending on the services you require, you can customize the details of your detailing with TireForce. We offer a standard exterior and interior car detailing package that covers the basis, but allow you to choose extra features that you may need.
  4. Talk to Your Friends and Check Out Reviews: Look at your friends and family who have immaculate cars and see if they use a professional. If so, drill them with questions. Social media is another area you can check as you hunt for a professional detailing company. It’s good to remember that word of mouth is still good advertising, even if it comes from the Internet.
  5. Ask about the Products they Use: As you shop around, ask about the types of tools and products that will be used on your car. The type isn’t always as important as the technique, but it is a good idea to understand what is cleaning or detailing product is applied to your brand new 2020 Tahoe.
  6. Dealership: Visiting our Honda dealership in Kansas City may be a good idea when it comes time to buy a new or used vehicle. Today is the day to schedule a test drive online!

Mobile Detailing that Leaves Your Car Looking Like New – Choose TireForce

Regain your automobile’s beautiful interior and exterior while protecting it and extending its resale value by choosing TireForce mobile detailing in Calgary. Our team will go over every inch of your car and meticulously hand wash the exterior, removing bugs, grime, and dirt. We will then hand clean and dry the interior to ensure you have that new care look you’ve missed. Wash the winter away and book an appointment today!

Call us at 833-446-8473 or book an appointment online for your next mobile car detailing service.

Tire Maintenance

Top 5 Tips for Springtime Tire Maintenance

As winter dies away and the trees start budding, many of us hear that familiar call to hit the open road. There’s something inviting and appealing about going out on an adventure, but before you pack up the cooler and family into your sedan, remember that it has been a long winter, and your ride could use some extra attention. More specifically, you should invest some time into maintenance and necessary tire repair in Calgary.

Choose the convenience that comes when you work with TireForce. Our professionals come to your home or office and take care of tire repair, tire changes, tire sales, and tire storage. We understand that your time is valuable; that’s why we outfit our service vans to be on-site tire shops.

Ways to Ensure a Smoother Springtime Ride

Ensure your Sunday drives, commutes, or road trips are safer and smoother when you use these five tips:

  1. Switch Out Winter Tires for Summer Ones: One of the first things you should do is remove your winter tires. These workhorses of the frigid temperatures are not designed to handle the dry, warm roads found in the spring and summer months. Not only will you notice a decline in fuel efficiency, but your tires will wear quickly and lose their winter weather effectiveness. Now is an excellent time to inspect them to determine if they will need replacing before next season. Save storage space at home when you utilize TireForce’s seasonal storage service.
  2. Look Over Your Tires for Indications of Wear and Tear: For your all-season tires, take a moment to inspect them for noticeable bulges, tears, and cuts. Any of these indications can lead to a disastrous blowout when you least expect it. You may notice that your stopping power has declined and that your car doesn’t seem to grip the road like before. Bald spots can contribute to this, leaving you in a potentially dangerous situation during inclement weather.
  3. Check the Tire Tread Depth:This often-overlooked aspect of your tires is vital to your car’s proper handling. Low tire tread leaves your vehicle with less opportunity to grip the pavement. Not only is your fuel efficiency affected, but also your ability to stop on wet streets, thereby causing accidents. A simple way to gauge tire tread is to take a quarter and place it head down into the tread. If you can see the queen’s head, your tire tread is too shallow, and your tires should be replaced.
  4. Ensure You Have Proper Tire Pressure: Underinflated tires cause a loss in fuel economy and poor handling, cornering, acceleration, braking, and wet grip. Properly inflated tires prolong the life expectancyand ensure your car handles the various conditions that Mother Nature throws our way. It’s a good idea to check pressure throughout the seasons, routinely.
  5. Rotate Your Tires: This tip aids in the overall life expectancy of your tires. It also gives you a reliable and smooth drive. Nothing is more annoying than having an imbalanced tire which can also affect wheel alignment. Regular tire rotation allows your wheels to wear at an even rate across all four, which can save you money from unnecessary purchases.

Convenience Begins with TireForce

Don’t let spring get away from you. Treat your tires to some extra care, and then head out on your next adventure. TireForce ensures you can. Our mobile units are ready when you need mobile tire service in Calgary. Give us a call today!

Call us at 833-446-8473 or book an appointment online for your favorite tire repair shop in Calgary.

Why Choose Directional Tires?

A quick Internet search for tires will render you with millions of results. You can buy tires for your truck, car, van, SUV, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle. Take motorcycle tires, for example. You can find some for street use, off-road use, or a combination of both. The difference is in the tread design. When you find the best tread, you get a better ride. Directional tires are designed for better traction, handling, and performance on different types of road conditions. How do you know if they are the right option for you the next time you need a tire change?

Choose to work with Calgary’s mobile tire changing experts at TireForce for all your tire changing and repair needs. Our team can help you find the best options for your car, truck, or van. We make it convenient for you with a wide range of services, including sales, seasonal changeovers, repairs, and replacements because we come to your location.

Primary Types Of Tire Tread

Before we get to the benefits of directional tires, it helps to understand the different types. There are primarily three tread options, and each has its function:

  1. Symmetrical: These tend to be the most common and look familiar with the same tread pattern throughout the tire. These wheels don’t have to be mounted in a specific direction.
  2. Asymmetrical: You may notice that the rubber on your wheels has different patterns on the inner and outer tread areas. These differences help with water evacuation, grip on dry pavement, and better snow traction. They must be mounted with a specific side facing outward.
  3. Directional: Directional tires are a type of tread pattern that may look similar to the other versions, but it is much different. For example, it is designed to rotate in only one direction and is generally used with high-performance vehicles.

Benefits Of Putting Directional Tires On Your Vehicle

Each type of tire has its function, but directional tires outrank symmetrical and asymmetrical in two distinct ways:

  1. Excellent water evacuation: That center-ribbed design with the V-shaped pattern whips water out of the tire. You are left with more rubber in contact with the road. The best part is that your chances of hydroplaning are significantly reduced.
  2. Fantastic handling and traction on the dry pavement: Again, the tread pattern is optimized to produce maximum road contact. That means you can corner like you are on rails as your tires trip and handle better at higher speeds than others. The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) measures transmission/transaxle output or wheel speed and if you looking for Turbo Speed Sensor 6.7 Cummins here some details for you.

Choose TireForce For Your Tire Change And Repair Needs

For a practical solution, the next time you type ‘tire change near me,’ choose TireForce. Whether you need a tire repaired or a complete tire change, we have you covered. Our team changes the game entirely by offering you convenience like no one else. We provide onsite service at your home or work with our van mounted tire shops. Go ahead and keep sipping on your coffee during brunch. We’ll have your new tires ready to go in no time!

Call us at 833-446-8473 or book an appointment online for your next tire change or repair service.

How To Prevent Road Salt Rust & Damage On Your Car

Old Man Winter has a way of ensuring we know he is around. From frigid temperatures to snow to ice mixtures, we are on constant alert for hazardous driving conditions. The City of Calgary sends out their large trucks to plow and spread salt, sand, and other chemicals on the pavements to create better street conditions. However, the residue from all the treatments can leave your car in poor shape. You can curtail some of the damage by utilizing car detailing services in Calgary.

Choose TireForce, Calgary’s mobile detailing services where we meticulously clean and detail your vehicle with our exclusive ‘No Rinse Wash and Shine’ process. We use less water and still get the results you expect – a slick and glossy showroom look. Fall in love with your truck or car again with our detailing services and best of all, being a mobile detailing service, we perform all our work at your chosen location.

4 Tips To Keep Road Salt From Damaging Your Car

Washing your car is not just for the warmer seasons. Your vehicle is probably the most vulnerable to rust damage in the wintertime. Staying on top with these four suggestions will help mitigate problems later:

  1. Get a head start by waxing the exterior. Wax is a protectant that guards against the corrosive salt and chemicals used during this season. The best time to apply is at the beginning of the season, but even if winter is in full force, take advantage of vehicle detailing in Calgary, as you will find at TireForce.
  2. Clean up your tires. Start with salt-free tires and keep it that way throughout the season. This action will help keep them from kicking up the stuff all over the road. You can also do this by avoiding puddles whenever possible.
  3. Don’t be afraid of using a DIY car wash. Grabbing the wand in a car wash bay can be gratifying as you watch the high-powered soap and water pummel the grime away. Remember to wash your vehicle during the day when the temperatures are above freezing. Your truck will then have the rest of the time to dry. Don’t forget to open and close your doors to prevent freezing.
  4. Avoid the snow. The salt on the roads will be the freshest right before and after a snowstorm. If you don’t need to be out during these times, then don’t. Additionally, stay out of deep snow. Not only is it a driving hazard, but it will pack into your undercarriage and be challenging to remove, thus leading to corrosion.
  5. Waverunner. How many people will be riding the Sea Doo for sale at once? Extended seating options for up to three riders are available from this personal watercraft manufacturer.

Outstanding Car Detailing In Calgary By TireForce

Few of us want to get out when it’s cold and wash our vehicles. If it’s too cold, no one should be washing their car as it is, but with mild-enough conditions, why not trust the experts at TireForce? We do more than take care of your tires. We offer full mobile detailing services in Calgary  to ensure your truck, car, or van is clean and free of the salt and chemicals that will cause damage. Call us today and let us take care of the rest.

Call us at 833-446-8473 or book an appointment online for your vehicle detailing service in Calgary.


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