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    We offer a full range of auto detailing services to vehicle owners located in Calgary.

    TireForce Mobile Auto Detailing
    Package + Extras

    Maintenance Detail Exterior and Interior:

    Exterior: $85

    (add $20 for Trucks, SUVS, Minivans and Station wagons)

    Meticulously hand washed using a high-lubricity pH-balanced wash solution where our grit-guarded bucket system prevents any dirt or sharp-edged particles from being abraded onto the car by our wash media.

    We include full wheel cleaning with non-acidic cleaners and then dry your exterior using a plush microfiber towel and filtered air.

    • Complete exterior power-rinse
    • Hand wash all exterior surfaces
    • Bug removal
    • Rim and tire scrub
    • Plush micro-fibre dry and air dry
    • Detail and shine glass, rims, tires
    • Battery test
    • Tire pressure check

    Interior: $100

    (add $20 for Trucks, SUVS, Minivans and Station wagons)

    Hand cleaned, hand dried and blow dried. Our precise attention to detail leaves the inside of your vehicle fully vacuumed. We will perform spot cleaning of carpets and fabric seats, provide a gentle scrub clean of all plastics vinyl, window cleaning and much more.

    • Detailed cleaning of mats (carpet / vinyl)
    • Air blow vents and crevasses
    • Agitator vacuum carpets and cloth upholstery
    • All interior plastic surfaces detailed and protected
    • Thorough detail of pedals and kick boots
    • Glass and mirrors sanitized and cleaned
    • Headliner and visor detailed
    • Clean door jambs, all sills cleaned, trunk vacuumed

    Interior and Exterior combined package: $170

    For trucks, SUV’s, mini-vans, station wagons, add: $30

    Regular Add-ons:


    • Shampoo carpets / Cloth upholstery / Cloth headliners
      (best option for stain removal)
    • $40
    • Leather conditioner/protector
    • $40
    • Odour eliminator
    • $70
    • Dog hair removal
    • $40
    • Sanitize and disinfect
      (kills all germs and viruses)
    • $50


    • Engine Rinse
    • $10
    • Tar removal
    • $30
    • Tree sap removal
    • $40
    • Spray wax, protective sealant to all paintwork
    • $30
    • Windshield chip repair
    • $40 for 1st repair, and $20 ea. for additional repairs
    • Glass coating (rain repellent front windshield)
    • $10
    • Driveway powerwash (regular)
    • $45 add $25 for larger than 3-car garage

    Surcharge for excessive cleaning required for the interior (examples: caked-on mud; build-up of foodwaste; vomit; and other items that require additional, unforeseen time to clean). We will notify you if this surcharge applies to you prior to commencement of interior cleaning. Surcharge may vary between $20 and $80.

    TireForce auto detailing uses an exclusive ‘No Rinse Wash and Shine’ process

    • Simultaneously clean and protect your vehicle
    • Environmentally friendly as we use less water (use one bucket to entirely wash your car)
    • Contains substantive polymers that bond to the paint and protect it from abrasion during wash
    • Greater protection and lubrication than conventional car washes
    • Faster washes anywhere outdoors, anytime of day, any season (as long as above 0ºC minimum).
    • We leave you with a slick and glossy finish